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Foods That Could Break Teeth

Your teeth are designed to endure the wear and tear of chewing and biting without issue. But high amounts of pressure might cause a tooth to chip, crack, or fracture, so pay attention to the foods you eat that might be hard, chewy, or sticky and can cause a dental injury.

You can prevent tooth breakage if you know which foods pose this risk to your dental structure. If you do suffer a broken tooth, do not ignore the issue. Call your dentist for urgent dental repair right away. Read on to discover four food items that might cause you to break a tooth if you are not careful.

food impacts oral health

Which Foods Might Crack a Tooth?


Popcorn is a popular snack that you can enjoy out at a movie theater or in the comfort of your own home. Many people like its fluffy, light texture, but these puffy snacks can hide a hard unpopped kernel within the bowl. If you bite into one of these kernels, it can create enough pressure to break your tooth.

A chip or crack in your tooth can disrupt the look of your smile. But it also creates a vulnerable spot in your tooth where bacteria can penetrate and cause further dental harm. This dental injury will worsen without repairing the damage, so tell your dentist about this issue as soon as you can.


You can make a delicious sandwich for any time of the day using bagels. But you might not realize that bagels could hurt your teeth if you are not careful. Bagels are denser than many people think, and these hard breads could break a tooth if you bite into it wrong.

If you do break a tooth this way, call your dentist for an emergency appointment. They can restore your dental structure and the tooth’s appearance using a dental crown. This cap will shield the tooth too, preventing further dental damage.

Hard Candy

Hard candy is made from boiled and melted sugar that solidifies into a tasty, sweet treat. You suck on this candy until it dissolves in your mouth. But many people feel tempted to bite down on hard candy before it dissolves, which has a high risk of causing a dental injury.

If you cannot resist the temptation to bite hard candy, perhaps you should avoid this treat. Sugary candy can eat away at your dental structure, anyway, heightening your risk of dental emergencies. If you do indulge in this treat, be careful as you eat it.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a fun way to eat a popular starchy vegetable. But your teeth are not built to withstand the pressure of biting into a corn cob. Grating teeth against the hard cob might cause you to break your teeth.

Therefore, try to consume corn off of the cob if you can. But if you do eat corn on its cob, pay attention and bite gently to avoid hurting your teeth.