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General Dentistry Katy TX

Get Smiling with Preventive Dental Care

At Katy Smile Design, general dentists Dr. Catherine Wilder and Dr. Lauren Shepard help patients maintain the health and function of their smiles. General dental services are treatments that we use to prevent future oral health problems. For example, custom sports mouthguards can protect the teeth from injury or loss. Dental sealants are available for patients of all ages and can protect the larger back teeth from decay.

Routine dental care is the foundation of your lifelong oral health and wellness and we welcome you to experience the difference that our personalized approach and caring manner can make in your patient experience.

Dr. Wilder and Dr. Shepard use digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras to find dental problems in the earliest stages and determine the best solutions. Modern dental technology is also key in general preventative dental care. Schedule routine appointments at Katy Smile Design so our dental professionals can help you maintain your smile and avoid common concerns such as decay and gum disease.

General Dentist in Katy, Texas

General Dentistry in Katy, TX

Our general dental treatments utilize preventative care to protect against future oral health problems. Learn about some of the general dental services that we provide to patients here.

Emergency Dentistry

We can fix dental emergencies such as a knocked-out tooth, broken dental restoration, or severe toothaches in our Katy, Texas dental office. Our dental team can help replace missing teeth, restore cosmetic damage, and remove pain and infection with emergency care. Contact our office if you notice any sudden changes in your oral health. We can provide you with immediate care.

Family Dental Care

Our family dental care helps patients of all ages get the oral health care they need. Dr. Wilder and Dr. Shepard provide routine oral hygiene, cavity prevention, Invisalign treatment for teens, dental sealants, fluoride treatment and more. We provide dental solutions for every stage of life. Dr. Wilder and Dr. Shepard provide treatment for every member of your family under one roof.

Laser Dentistry

Dr. Wilder and Dr. Shepard use soft tissue lasers for gum disease and tissue laser therapy for TMJ disorders. Laser dentistry is a safe and comfortable way for patients to address TMJ and gum disease. Dental lasers utilize light and heat but are quiet and painless. Our dentists do not need to use drills or sutures with laser dentistry.

Dental Sedation

Nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation are methods of sedation dentistry that we offer patients at Katy Smile Design. Sedation dentistry can be particularly helpful for patients who have dental fear and anxiety, although we do offer sedation for complex and surgical treatments.

Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding

A custom oral appliance is often the solution for teeth grinding, a common symptom of a TMJ-related disorder. Fitted like a sports mouthguard, a night guard can enable the jaw to rest in a natural, relaxed position while preventing tooth wear and damage from grinding and jaw clenching.

Sleep Apnea

We offer at-home sleep tests and oral appliance therapy for patients with sleep apnea. Patients who experience sleep apnea can have pauses in breathing multiple times at night. Receiving at-home sleep tests allows us to determine which treatment they require. Oral appliances keep the airway open and prevent apnea.

General Dental FAQs

Get all the answers you need about general dentistry here. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make more informed decisions about your oral health.

Are tooth extractions painful?

We make every effort to ensure that dental extractions are as comfortable and pain-free as possible for our patients. We use local anesthetic as well as dental sedation for more complex surgical extractions.

Can sports mouthguards treat teeth grinding?

No, sports mouthguards cannot treat bruxism or other symptoms of TMJ disorders. This is because they consist of a thicker plastic meant to protect teeth on the court or the field. However, our dentists can provide night guards to treat your bruxism and TMJ issues. They stop teeth grinding and protect the enamel from wear and damage much better than sports mouthguards.

Schedule a Dental Consultation Today

Are you looking for a new general dentist? Do you require preventative dental care? Request a dental appointment with Dr. Wilder and Dr. Shepard on our website. You can also call Katy Smile Design today at 281.843.9814. Let our dentists know if you have any questions about your general dental treatment options and they will be happy to help you.