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Feel Confident in Your Veneers

Many patients enjoy effective cosmetic enhancement in their smiles thanks to porcelain veneers. These custom-made fixtures adhere to the front of teeth to build a brighter, straighter, natural-looking smile. Your dentist can determine if this procedure can help you accomplish your unique smile goals when you schedule a consultation.

Though they know the benefits of this treatment, patients might still feel nervous about undergoing dental work. To alleviate lingering dental fear, read on to find expert responses to frequently asked questions regarding the porcelain veneer procedure.

porcelain veneer procedure Katy Texas

Does the Porcelain Veneers Procedure Hurt?

A major factor when it comes to fear of the dentist is the anticipation of pain during a dental procedure. Patients can rest assured that they will not feel pain when they receive porcelain veneers.

To prepare the surface of the teeth for veneers, dentists must etch into the enamel. They can give you a local anesthetic to ensure you do not feel discomfort during this process.

After the veneers attach to the front of the teeth, some patients notice slight tooth sensitivity. This symptom will fade within a few days. It may take some time to get used to the feeling of fixtures over the teeth, but they will not hurt. If they feel ill-fitting or sore, let your dentist know as this is abnormal.

Can Porcelain Veneers Break?

Your dentist designs porcelain veneers to withstand the wear and tear that your teeth regularly experience. Though durable, they are not indestructible. If exposed to abnormally high amounts of pressure, veneers may crack, chip, or dislodge.

Since your dentist removes a minute amount of enamel to secure veneers to the teeth, your smile might be vulnerable without the protection of the veneers. You should contact your dentist to repair this damage to your dental work as soon as you can.

The dentist might use dental bonding to fill in minor cracks or chips to your veneers. They may also recommend replacing the veneers with new shells. Pay attention to your dental work and do not hesitate to call your dentist if you notice a problem.

How Long Will Veneers Enhance the Look of My Smile?

One of the draws of cosmetic enhancement with porcelain veneers is their longevity. Some treatments will last only a few months or years and require touch-up appointments to maintain.

Veneers will remain on a patient’s smile for fifteen or more years with proper care. This includes practicing good oral hygiene, which entails brushing teeth twice a day, flossing every day, and visiting your dentist for routine exams and cleanings.

To avoid breaking your veneers, you should also avoid biting down on hard items that could make them crack or dislodge. Examples include fingernails, the end of a pen, or ice.

You should also let your dentist know if you grind your teeth. This behavior creates pressure that could hurt your dental work. They may want to treat this habit before starting this treatment. Or they might want to pursue other treatment options.