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4 Advantages of Dental Crown Treatment

If your tooth has sustained damage, your dentist will likely recommend treating it with a dental crown. This restorative treatment features a ceramic cap that a dentist secures over a vulnerable tooth and seals into place with dental cement.

The crown will protect and preserve a tooth, though you may feel more comfortable about this dental work when you know the specific benefits it can provide. Read on to learn four ways that a dental crown can improve the health of your tooth.

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How Will a Dental Crown Help My Smile?

Repair Tooth Breakage

Your teeth experience a great deal of wear and tear on a regular basis without issue. Though durable, extreme pressures may cause a tooth to chip, crack, or fracture. This type of injury will impact the way that your smile looks, but it could also put your smile at risk for further harm.

You should not ignore this dental emergency because the tooth breakage can worsen without prompt treatment from your dentist. They may use a dental crown to reshape the tooth and shield the chip or crack in the tooth.

The seal prevents bacteria and plaque from harming the vulnerable area of your tooth. And you can see the tooth’s appearance restored as well with this treatment.

Treat Advanced Tooth Decay

A dentist treats a cavity by drilling away the decayed portion of the tooth. Then they fill the resulting hole to restore the structure and health of the tooth. However, if decay has advanced, you may need more protection for the tooth than a dental filling can provide.

In these cases, a dentist can use a dental crown to cover the tooth, fortifying its structure and shielding it from further dental dangers. The seal will protect the area like a filling would, giving long-lasting preservative benefits.

Replace Eroded Tooth Enamel

A tooth has a protective outer layer called enamel, which keeps the vulnerable interior safe from many external threats. Enamel can erode over time for multiple reasons, and the tooth can lose its shield.

Once gone, enamel cannot regrow on its own. If you have lost enamel, your dentist may recommend replacing it with the cap of a dental crown. This will serve as a substitute for weakened enamel and can keep your smile safe for fifteen or more years with proper care.

Brighten a Discolored Tooth

Dental crowns are known for their restorative benefits, but they can help patients who have aesthetic concerns about their smiles too. If you have deep discoloration in a tooth, a dentist may give it a brighter appearance by placing a dental crown over it.

The crown is constructed on an individualized basis for each patient. So patients can feel confident that their dental crown will look both beautiful and natural in their smile. The crown resists staining, so the patient can expect whitening effects to last for a long time. Ask your dentist if a dental crown can get you the smile of your dreams.