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Do I Need Urgent Dental Care?

From a young age, we learn that we should visit our dentist regularly for teeth cleanings and oral health exams. However, sometimes we notice issues in our smiles in between these appointments, even if we have been vigilant with oral hygiene.

Though they may seem tolerable, you should fix some of these problems before your next appointment. You can call your dentist to see if you need an emergency dental consultation. Katy Smile Design, a dentistry practice located in Katy, TX, lists three dental issues that you may think are minor but could require swift intervention from a dentist.

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Dental Concerns That May Need Prompt Dental Care

Tooth Sensitivity

Have you ever experienced a jolt of pain when biting into a sugary or cold food item? This could be a condition many call tooth sensitivity. The pain might be intermittent, but it can be excruciating and severely impact your eating habits.

This occurs when the tooth enamel wears down, exposing nerves in underlying dentin that sends pain signals to the brain. The pain could also be part of a larger dental concern, including advanced tooth decay.

You do not have to endure this pain until your next routine dentist appointment. Call your dentist about any discomfort, even if you think you can handle it, and you might prevent a dental emergency.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding from your gums may occur when you brush your teeth, especially if you use a harsh technique. However, persistent bleeding accompanied by swelling or soreness in your gum tissue could point to an oral infection called periodontal disease.

Patients may feel self-conscious about puffy-looking or red gums that accompany the early stage of this disease, gingivitis. But if the disease progresses, periodontal disease could also lead to irreversible dental damage, including tooth loss.

If your gum concerns continue, ask your dentist for a periodontal screening. Prompt treatment for this infection can help you avoid these major dental concerns and preserve your smile.

Bad Breath

Poor-smelling breath can impact the best of us after consuming a garlicky or oniony meal. However, you can usually resolve this problem by brushing and flossing your teeth to remove lingering food particles.

If bad breath, or halitosis, persists, this symptom could signify advanced tooth decay, gum disease, or an underlying medical condition. Do not hesitate to reach out to your dental professional about this uncomfortable issue.

Emergency Dentistry Services Available in Katy, TX

Katy Smile Design offers both preventative and emergency dentistry to patients in Katy, TX. Our practice specializes in general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, including tooth replacement solutions. If you feel nervous about upcoming dental work, ask your dental professional about sedation dentistry options. To schedule a consultation or appointment with our team, contact our staff by phone at 281.843.9814 or reach our office online.