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Prepare for Your Dental Crown Procedure

If your tooth becomes damaged, it could be at risk of further harm without intervention from a dental professional. A dental crown is an effective restorative treatment that many dentists recommend to their patients.

You may feel more comfortable about upcoming dental work if you know what to expect from the procedure. Katy Smile Design, a dental practice located in Katy, TX, responds to frequently asked questions regarding the dental crown process and its benefits.

dental crown treatment Katy Texas

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown features a plastic or ceramic cap that covers an affected tooth, offering a variety of benefits. More specifically, a crown can:

  • Replace weakened tooth enamel
  • Whiten a severely discolored tooth
  • Repair a fractured tooth
  • Protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Serve as a prosthetic tooth atop a dental implant

The wide range of advantages from a dental crown contributes to its popularity in dentistry. The crown can restore function, structure, and appearance to a tooth on its own. It may also prove useful as part of other dental work, as with root canals.

What Is the Dental Crown Procedure Like?

If your dentist determines that you require a dental crown, they must first construct the fixture. They consider the unique size, shape, and color of your natural teeth to create a custom crown that will provide a natural-looking finish.

When the crown is ready, the dentist will prepare the affected tooth by removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the cap. Then your dentist will place the crown over the tooth and seal it into place with bonding.

Is a Dental Crown a Permanent Restorative Treatment?

Dental crowns are long-term restorative dental solutions. They are durable, built to withstand the everyday wear and tear that your teeth experience. With proper care and maintenance, crowns can last for fifteen years.

You should continue to practice good oral hygiene and avoid abnormal amounts of pressure on the crown. Let your dentist know if you have a habit of grinding or clenching your teeth, as this may damage your crown. To learn more about your dental crown options, give us a call today.

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